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We are committed to improve our quality procedures continually, to guarantee that every aluminium composite panel / sheet or aluminium cladding sheet / panel that comes through our manufacturing process is of the highest quality and meets industry standards. We take pride in informing our customers that Albond ensure that we produce quality outputs consistently.

We use Alloy 3003 as part of our manufacturing process. The use of Alloy 3003 ensures high strength and increase in life of the ACP. Also Alloy 3003, provides high impact resistance and easy maintenance.Our quality procedures coupled with skilled engineering practices makes us one of the leader aluminium fabrication and building materials company in India.

The unique technology to manufacture ACP that have far better quality in terms of aesthetics, surface finish and fine edges, resulting in superior finished product and thus giving real value of the product to its customer.

To provide customer needs and wants, to hold the customer satisfaction in high regard in our product and service activities. To control all the processes beginning from raw material acquisition to product shipment and adopt quality concious control at every step. To use materials and technologies that will not harm our enviroment and out employees. To be the best in its field with its Management that has made one of its principles to improve their processes according to the everchanging conditions and demands of today's world with all of its divisions working together. Profiles manufactured from aluminium and aluminium alloys are manufactured according to the specifications in the technical examinations and terms of delivery.